Monday, May 30, 2011

100 Miles of Nowhere

On Saturday, May 28, 2011 I road the 100 Miles to Nowhere. This is the first time I have ridden this event even though it is the 4th time has organized it.This event was evidently dreamed up by Fatty after a bad batch of burritos and some Utah mountain cabin fever. The good part is that you get to make up your own version. The original features rollers and I don't ride inside. Instead I spent some money on enough winter clothes to ride through the winter. Of course our NC winters feature a lot less snow than Utah.

But I didn't need any winter clothes this late in June. In fact I won my division finishing with temperatures over 90 degrees. My division was the 60 lap, multiple 20th century bikes (no carbon
fiber), 50 to 55 year old division. So if anyone else that age rode exactly 60 laps to total a 100 mile and road more than one bike made between 1900 and 2000, let me know and we can compare times.

And when I say multiple bikes, I don't mean I have 4 nice road bikes to switch between. Here are the bikes.

87 Cannondale I call Alfred. Read more about Alfred in Old Enough To Drink. Alfred does have the distinction of being ridden in a century or longer 14 months in a row and counting. Some of those definitely involved the winter clothes I mention before.

87-88 Cannondale special edition MTB setup for my wife to ride. She likes this crazy bench seat. I can't say the seat is uncomfortable but it does feel kind of strange.

90's Trek Mountain Track converted for commuting where I do about half my yearly miles. While not fast this was easy to ride since I am so used to it. It is setup for a twisty path and keeping your head somewhat up.

90's Huffy single speed beach cruiser that I restored for my daughter. It is really not my size and there were enough hills on the ride to make it a challenge. The handlebars are swept back so much you can't get much leverage when you stand up to climb. It does cruise nicely along the flats it was designed for.

The loop was 1.66 miles and winds through two neighborhoods. The start, finish, bicycle swaps and all rest stops were at my house. I have ridden lots of well done charity rides, but I will say this one had the best bathrooms.