Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Old Friend

I recently completed a 6 day trip on the C&O Canal which I will post about soon. After that for various reasons, I did not ride for 5 days. That is easily the longest stretch without riding in the last year. But I rode my commute Monday and today. I was a little sluggish Monday morning but have been picking it up since then.

Looks like it might not be hot at all riding home today. Right now it is raining pretty steady. It will be a welcome change.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

Actually this is about 2 bucks, male deer that is.

Near the end of this morning's commute on the Black Creek Greenway, I spotted 2 bucks on the trail ahead of me. I often spot wildlife (besides small birds and squirrels) on my ride including deer, but this is the first time I have seen bucks with antlers like these. They were stopped and looking at me. They did not seem to concerned. I stopped and took a picture. Even though one buck moved out of sight while I got out my iPhone, I had great hopes for this picture. But I forgot the iPhone does not do a great job in the early morning light. This blurry mess is what I got. You can at least tell it is a deer, if I tell you it is.

I should have steadied the camera better. Live and learn. Plus I might borrow the new waterproof camera, Fujifilm Z33WP,  I got my wife and try that on the bike. Really I did buy it for her even though I am the only to have used it so far. Hey it is even pink. It must be for her.

Back to the bucks, I could see them quite well and they moved down into the creek bed on the left and crossed up the bank and out of sight. I was hoping to count the points on the antlers in the photo, but it is too blurry. My future holds some better photographic technique.

Ride rating: 2 rabbit and 2 bucks

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cary Greenway Update

I exchanged email with Doug McRainey, Parks Planning Manager for the Town of Cary, about the greenway signs. He said the signs are part of our recently approved comprehensive sign plan for the Town's parks and greenways. Besides the signs I spotted on the Hinshaw Greenway, signs have been installed them at Pirate's Cove Greenway, Batchelor Branch Greenway, sections of the White oak Creek Greenway. So it looks like these will continue to roll out although it may be a year before they are all done.

Doug invited me to do two things I will take him up on as I have time. First he suggested visiting Bond Park where 3 to 5 different greenways will intersect. Bond Park will be the hub of the Cary greenway system.

The second thing Doug invited me to do is attend a Greenway Committee meeting. I will try and do that in the upcoming months and report back on what I learn.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A break in the weather

Here in NC we are finally getting a break from the heat. After about 3 weeks with above average temperatures, 10 to 15 degrees above, we are actually slightly below average. Riding in the mornings around 70 degrees and the afternoon in the mid 80s is a big improvement.

Wednesday I spotted 3 rabbits and this little guy.

That is about a 6 inch long copperhead. He was crossing the trail and froze as I passed. I stopped and turned around to get this picture which is not as clear as I would like, but you can see him. I moved on and he was unmolested by me. Live and let live. This little guy needs to eat quite a few insects, frogs and lizards before he is big enough to threaten even the baby rabbits along the trail.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Greenway Signs

The Hinshaw Greenway in Cary has new signs. I am hoping this is the beginning of a project to improve the signs on all the Cary greenways. When I first started riding the greenways, the hardest things to figure out were how to stay on the greenway when it crossed roads and you needed to know which way to go to get on the next section and where to get off to get where you wanted to go. The only signs were the ones stating that the greenway closes at dusk. There were plenty of those.

Here is one of the new signs at a trail intersection. The first shot shows the yellow arrows indicating which way the Hinshaw Greenway goes. The second shot has a yellow arrow pointing down a spur which goes to Glenngarry Drive and another pointing up the Hinshaw Greenway towards the end that has Marla Dorrel Park.

I think these will be a grand improvement. Thank you to the Town of Cary.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Clothes

The summer weather has gotten a head start here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Over on EcoVelo there is a discussion about clothes for commuting or just cycling clothes in general. Right now it is hard to imagine riding even in the morning here without having access to showers. I saw a guy walking in business attire (chinos and a long sleeve button down shirt) on the trail this morning. He has in the shade, moving slowly and carrying a water bottle. For me, it would not take much effort all to break a sweat in the weather - 75 degrees but a dew point of 73.

I wear loose style cycling shorts or cycling underwear and some nylon hiking shorts with a inexpensive high tech t-shirt. And of course a helmet and gloves.

By the way, Mr. P's new tires looked and worked great this morning.

Wednesday's wildlife count: 3 rabbits in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pop Goes the Tire

A story about tire problems, but they weren't my tires.

I have recruited a friend who lives in my neighborhood and works at the same place to ride with me. I will call him Mr. P., since he is a few style points short of Mr. T in the hair department. Right now Mr. P is joining me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We had a nice ride in this morning with the temperature in the low 70s. We left our bikes in the bike rack in front of our building which is in the sun. When we came out just after 4:00 to head home in the 94 degree heat, Mr. P discovered he had a flat front tire. On further inspection, the tire itself had a hole in it. Then I noticed a large bulge on the back tire. The tube was still holding but the sidewall was giving out. The route we take, while paved, is twisty enough that it is more comfortable on a mountain bike than a road bike. Mr. P had put on some street tires he had on his mountain bike to better handle the pavement. But the tires were over 10 years old and as the day heated up they could not contain the expanding tubes.

Mr. P decided to call his wife to pick him up. He was planning a stop for tires and tubes on the way home, so he should be good to go on Thursday morning.

Ride Rating: Tuesday 3 rabbits, all in the afternoon

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Cockpit

I upgraded my bike some recently. It was been working out very well. I had seen the new FSA Metroplis handlebars and I thought they would be nice. The problem was price. First they are ~$50 and second they would not fit my current quill stem. So I would have needed a convertor and a new stem. That would bring the total to at least $80. Instead I found some similar shaped bars that did fit my current stem.

My old shifters were grip shifters which turn out to be too convenient. I found myself sometimes shifting or half shifting without meaning to. So I was interested in replacing them too. I at least needed cables and housing, since I was using 15 year old stuff. I think that just cables and housing would have been $15 to $20. I was offered a set of combined Shimano shifter and break levers complete with cables and housing for $30. So I decided that was worth it.

I added some $10 ergonomic grips with palm rests.

I got it all put together and adjusted pretty well. Now having ridden it 5 or 6 days, I can say it was a good upgrade. The handle bars are set to be higher and more swept back than the originals. I feel more comfortable. I can still stand and climb and I have not noticed my average speed suffering at all. The hand position is definitely better.

I also recently replaced the chain and cassette. I am practically riding a brand new bike for just over $100. Really makes it hard to justify the $8600 Black Sheep bike I dream about.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tour de Cure

No commuting today. I took the day off to recover and do some errands.

I rode in the NC Tour de Cure this past weekend. The routes started in Cary Saturday morning and went to Southern Pines. After spending the night, we road back on Sunday. I rode 106 miles on Saturday and 82 on Sunday. The heat was brutal. I beat my best 100 mile time by over 4 minutes, but that did not include a total of 2 1/2 hours of breaks. After the first quarter I was just riding from rest stop to rest stop. I needed water and the blessed ice even when it had been only 7 miles since the last stop. I rolled in to the finish, checked in my bike and caught a shuttle to my hotel. After a nice but quick shower, I headed back to the finish for some dinner. The Mexican food hit the spot. I piled on the rice and beans and grabbed some cheese quesadillas to push it all around with. Then I repeated that with a second serving. At some point somebody filled me a cup of New Belgium foam which worked out to a perfect half a glass of beer.

Sunday I started the ride a little weak, but felt better after each of the first three stops. The day grew hot again but choosing the shorter route worked out to be a good choice.

This is a well supported ride and a really nice route. You pass some nice horse farms and other scenery. I would recommend it.

The best news is my friends helped me raise over $300 to fight diabetes. This was part of over $2500 raised by my team, the Spiritual Spinners. The NC ride has raised $187,980 so far.

I will be back on the bike tomorrow and report on some recent upgrades.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Bike Activity

I had a good bike weekend. I got some new handle bars for my mountain bike commuter. They are more swept back. I also got new shifters and brake levers and a new chain. So I had some work to do to get that all set up. But first up was going to be a 50 mile ride with some friends. But I forgot to update my Facebook status from Maybe to Yes for this ride and they ended up cancelling due to a combination of not enough people and wet roads. But I road my errands, Hilltop Farms and the grocery store for food, instead and had a nice ride although much shorter than 50 miles. I am really enjoying not using the car.

Sunday I worked a little more on the commuter upgrades. All the new stuff is on, but the cables and derailers need to be adjusted.

Monday is our normal ride day for the Spiritual Spinners but usually that is at 6:30 pm. Because of the holiday we road at 8:30 am - no pressure to finish before dark. I road 10 miles to the ride, we road the 50K Ride For Life route, 3 good hills, and I road home for a total of 51 miles. Later in the day I got most of the adjustments done on the bike.

A mid-afternoon appointment will keep me off the bike today, but after a few final adjustments to the derailers tonight I should be ready to go tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Riding Companion

I had something new on my commute yesterday, a riding companion. A neighbor, co-worker and friend asked if he could join me. He used to ride one-way with another neighbor, but they went on the roads. He road his old Trek road bike with tri-extensions. He seemed to like the greenways. He wants to cleanup his old mountain bike and get a rack and small bag to carry a change of clothes. He is talking about riding every day (well the 4 workdays) next week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new wheel

Late last year I managed to dent my rear rim. I was able to true the wheel and get it better but never really good. Yesterday I finally broke down and got a new wheel. I was thinking of just buying a rim and some spokes and building a new wheel. I built wheels for my road bike that came out very nice. But it cost less than $10 more to just buy a wheel. When I was getting it ready last night, I decided to mount my old Continental Town and Country tire on it. One of them had given out and this one shows some wear, so I had replaced them. I got Michelin City tires because they were available and had reflective sidewalls. But i carry a lot of weight in my rear panniers and I felt that the City tires did not handle as well. They have a lower TPI count which makes then longer lasting but less comfortable. So as an experiment I put the Town and Country on for now. During this morning's ride the bike seemed to handle better. I will give it a few more days. I think I can get a Schwalbe with the reflective side walls and the high TPI comfort.

This afternoon's ride may be a good test. It is pouring rain right now.

Seen on this morning's ride: 1 hawk, 3 rabbits

Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday Errands

I had some nice rides Saturday. My teenage daughter has been asking to ride to our CSA, Hilltop Farms, to pick up our weekly vegetables. This is the first weekend that the schedule worked out for this. She has outgrown her Specialized Hot Rock and I have been cleaning up a single speed cruiser she has started riding around the neighborhood. The 15 mile round trip with hills, one particularly steep, is more than she is used to and a decent challenge on the cruiser. Saturday morning started out with rain and we thought we were going to have to change our plans. But 45 minutes later the rain let up and the radar looked good for the rest of the morning. So off we went. Her cruiser has big chrome fenders and my commuter has Planet Bike fenders, so the little bit of water on the road was no problem. She had to walk on the steepest part of the one hill, but she moved along pretty well on the rest. We got Swiss chard, mustard greens, lettuce, snow peas, green onions and tatsoi. She mentioned being sore by the time we were heading back but she pressed on. I think she is considering doing it again.

After lunch I still needed to get the rest of the groceries. I got back on my bike and logged another 6 miles round trip to Harris Teeter. I took my panniers in the store along with my canvas grocery bags. I did self checkout and put the large items (milk, orange juice, etc) in the canvas bag and everything else directly in the panniers. The canvas bag got bungeed to top of the rear rack. The bike carried the load well even if it wasn't 400 pounds of bananas. Seriously if you haven't seen the video of transporting 400 pounds of bananas on a Yuba Mundo check it out.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bike to Work Week: Friday

I have achieved my goal for Bike to Work Week. I road all 5 days. I have commuted to work by bike a lot in the last year, but one thing or another has always kept me from a complete week. I thought Bike to Work Week was the perfect time to finish a complete week.

The ride home was broken up by two stops. First I was meeting part of our group for lunch and a long meeting at a local place that is right on my route. That meant I was about 1/2 way home when it was time to head that way. I can make a slight detour from my normal route and stop at Performance Bikes in Cary. I did that to pick up some new brake pads, cables and housing. I love doing errands on my bike.

Bike to Work Week: Thursday

I don't use an alarm to get up in the morning and usually I wake up around 5:15. Today I slept until about 5:45 and I had an early morning meeting I needed to be on time for. So I road faster than I have in a long time and made it in plenty of time.

On the way home I was once again in a hurry. This time the family wanted to go out to eat before my daughter's high school sports award ceremony. So again I rode faster than I have in quite a while.

I did notice all the regular bikes parked at work plus a few extras. Some people like to park up next to the building under the overhang instead of in the bike rack. I take care of my bike but I don't baby it like that.

Bike to Work Week: Wednesday

Wednesday was a pretty routine ride. I waited at home about 15 minutes for an early morning rain storm to move off. I often see a lot of wildlife on the trails I take, but today I saw a turkey for the first time. I have been a little disappointed to not see more commuters on the trail. I think people would like it much better than dealing with the cars.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bike to Work Week: Tuesday

I don't think it was raining so much as the trees were still dripping this morning. The weight of the water made some limbs droop so that I had to dodge them. There was not too much debris on the trail. There was one tall but thin tree laying over most of the trail in one spot a large, apparently dead, limb almost completely across the trail in another spot. The first one appeared to have just slowly bent to the ground. The second one looked like it would have killed you if you had been under it.

I ran into two women cycling. They were riding down a residential road that I cross. I quick shouted exchange determined that they were riding as part of Bike to Work Week, but I did not get a chance to find out where they were headed. The next thing up the road they were on is a Middle School. They could have been teachers or they could have been going somewhere farther.

They are having a road ride at lunch tomorrow where I work, but I am sticking with the Bike to Work theme. I don't think I can keep up with the advertised 18 MPH pace on my commuter. Maybe I'll go over for the start just as a show of solidarity.

The ride home was on the cool side. Where was this cool weather Saturday when I was cooking on a metric century ride? I had to leave early, so I didn't see any other commuters.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bike To Work Week: Monday

The Monday morning ride was a little wet but kind of nice. There was just a light rain and it was about 65 degrees. It makes for a nice ride given a rain jacket and fenders. The trails were nearly empty. I saw one dog walker and one jogger right towards the end. I saw one other bike at the gym and it was one I did not recognize, so maybe it was a new rider. It should be drier later in the week and hopefully I will see more riders.

The ride home was really wet. The rain started just a couple of minutes into the ride. It ranged from heavy to steady. I ride along a creek. I watched at each of the many crossings for signs that it was rising. But it was fine and I was heading upstream, so it only got better. The rain lasted until the final 2 miles (of 12.5 miles).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DIY Light Bracket

I felt my handlebar was getting a little crowded, so I decided to build a bracket to hold two lights that would mount where a reflector currently mounted to the bolt through the fork. It came out lookling like this once I mounted my two headlights on it.

I built the light bracket from parts at Home Depot for a total of about $3. I found all these in the plumbing section.
  • PVC tee, threaded on the single side
  • PVC plug
  • galvanized metal bracket
The tee looks like this. The single end is threaded the other two are smooth.

With the plug partially threaded in and without the metal bracket it looks like this.

I trimmed the corners of the metal to round them a little. Then I had a friend with a drill press drill a 1/2" hole near one end. Then I bent the bracket and screwed the PVC plug into the tee going through the bracket. A little sanding (very little) and I started painting. First a coat of primer and then some black, both of which I had on hand.

In the picture on the left you can see the tee and the bracket. On the back you can see the plug going through the bracket where it is threaded into the tee.

I think this will soon be shown on BikeHacks.com.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Preparing for Bike to Work Week

I have volunteered to work with new bike commuters at my company for Bike to Work Week. So far, no one has contacted me, but I hope some will. Next week we will have a class on Cycling Safety by LCI certified cycle instructor, Ken Kaye of Bike, Walk Durham.

Click on the logo for more information on Bike to Work Week.

Park Your Car and Ride Your Bike

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raven Rock Ramble

I was asked which I enjoyed more during the 105 miles, the wind, the heat or the hills?

Well I started with my team, the Spiritual Spinners, at we rode to the first rest stop together. That was a nice section. We made a good pace line into the wind and picked up a few riders. It is nice to ride in a line with people you are familiar with. Most of them were riding a shorter route and we went our own way from there.

I rode the next section solo. There were a few downwind sections but mostly headwind. I didn't see anyone else until I got to the second rest stop. I talked a small group into waiting a couple of minutes. I drank, ate, and filled up my bottles. I left with a small group.

We had a lot of headwind and it was nice to have some company. There had been a few hills up to this point, but in this section I found I was actually fairly strong on the hills. But I was working to stay with the group on the flats and downhill. Still we pressed on and even rode along Broadway and to the next rest stop. Here I had my first bad sign from the heat. As I tried to bend my leg to swing it off the bike I got a cramp. I ended up laying the bike down and stepping over it.

I refueled, stretched and left with 5 other riders. We rode somewhat together but I started to loose contact. I could feel some more cramps and had to ease off but I was able to keep going. I caught up at the last rest stop. I again refueled and stretched. I was moving pretty good when I started on the final leg. It was on Old US 1 in an area I have ridden several times. It is mostly rolling hills. I has making pretty good progress. I caught and passed a couple of riders, but after a while I started feeling the ramps coming back. By pedaling very smooth and just spinning I was able to make it to the turn towards the finish. From there I stopped a few times to clear a cramp. It usually just took 30 seconds or so. I was passing another rider who was walking some, but if I stopped for a cramp he passed me back. In the end I was able to keep going and passed him for good.

I rode into Harris Wake County Park to the finish. I enjoyed an ice cream sandwich and plenty to drink before riding the mile or so back to my car. The ride home was uneventful, but once I got home I had trouble bending my legs enough to get out of the car. The cramps were back. I finally made it inside and some rest, plenty of water and finishing off my Shot Blocks cleared up any cramping feeling by bedtime.

The next few days I felt pretty good and the only real soreness I had was from some sun burn and the muscles that had been cramping.

I still enjoyed the ride. I am going to come up with a better hydration and electrolyte plan for the next ride.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tarwheel Century

Besides commuting I also enjoy long road rides. This weekend I went to Elizabeth City, NC to ride the Tarwheel Century. I drove down Friday evening to the campground listed on the web site. I had not called ahead because my plans had been uncertain and I only knew I was going for sure at the last minute. That was a mistake. They had no tent sites left. I drove back into Elizabeth City to get data service. They could make a Verizon commercial in this part of NC. The AT&T coverage was not good even for phone service. Some searching found me no campsites and cheapest hotel I found was $75. So I took a cue from Chuck of COHO cycles and found a quiet church outside of town and camped in their lawn/parking lot. I was gone the next morning before anyone knew I was there.

I was at the start plenty early, but about 20 minutes before the start I made a strategic decision to visit the bathroom. I was not the only one thinking this. But I made it throughout the line and was on my bike with 5 minutes to spare. I was not alone but it turns out the main group had already started. Still I started out of town in a group of about 30. About a mile in the group was slowing. I was on the brake gently when the guy in front of my braked hard. Don't do this in a large group when you don't need to. I left a little skin from my elbow on the streets of Elizabeth City. To his credit the guy did come back and check on me and apologize. I was ok in general and soon caught up to 8 riders that were moving along pretty well.

A few of them slowed a little and soon I was riding with 3 women from the Outer Banks cycling. We were cruising along nicely and chatting even as is started to rain.The rain cleaned my elbow nicely but it kept anyone from checking their cue sheet. It seemed to me that the riders in front had ridden this before, but it turns out that was not right. When we figured out where we were and headed towards the course we ran into some road markings. We figured out we were at mile 98, but we needed to be at mile 23. Fortunately since we were now on the course we ran into a sag vehicle. It was even a pickup truck that could take all four of us. This is were riding with women paid off. They sweet talked the driver into taking us to the proper mile marker instead of the first sag stop.

We were soon at the second stop and from here on I kept an eye on the road markings and the cue sheet. We headed out at a good pace, a little over 20 mph. But my partners were worried about the time and decided to take the turn for the 66 mile route. I came to do the century so I bid them adieu and pressed on alone. In a few minutes I caught two more riders, 2 more women, Sharon and Jannine. They were going to ride the 66 mile route but Sharon grew up in Edenton and realized they were close enough to check it out. They turned toward Edenton and I continued solo again. The wind picked up and of course it was mostly a headwind. I passed 3 riders spending a couple of minutes talking to them before moving on.

The next rest stop was at the Edenton water front. There I met up with Sharon and Jannine again. They said they decided to ride the rest of the century route and asked me to join them. I agreed, there was no one likely to be much faster at this stage and I will take good company over a good pace any day.

We fought a 20 mph wind which was in our face quite a bit and even nasty coming from the side. But we cruised on and rolled back into Elizabeth City for my first century in over 20 years.

Now I have until Sunday to be ready for the next one - the Raven Rock Ramble.

Location:Sas Campus Dr,Cary,United States

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Plane, Bus, Taxi, Bike

Last week I flew to Las Vegas for my day job. I wanted to post this from my iPhone but my iPhone chops were not up to it yet.So this is a little delayed. It was interesting day that reminded me of Planes, Trains and Automobiles although I didn't have to sleep with John Candy.

After a quick flight to Atlanta, I took the long flight to Las Vegas.

From Las Vegas
From the airport I took a bus to Caesar's Palace.

From Las Vegas
After settling in, I took a taxi to Pro Cyclery to pick up my rental bike.
From Las Vegas
My normal road ride is an 1987 Canondale touring bike, so the modern Jamis was an interesting ride.

From Las Vegas
An aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork and seat stays and a Shimano 105 20 speed drive train. I really enjoyed the brake shifters, but I think the wider handle bars were a little too wide for my tastes.

I brought various accessories to use on the Jamis. First my Crank Brothers egg beater pedals and of course the shoes to go with them. Most important was safety. Besides my helmet, I brought 4 lights - 2 front and 2 rear. The font lights are a Planet Bike Blaze 1 watt and a MagicShine 900. The rear lights are a Planet Bike Superflash and a Trek Flare 7. I run the Planet Bike lights on flash and the others on steady. Having two front and 2 rear also gives me back ups.

The last accessory was a new Biologic iPhone case. That let me carry my phone for emergencies, some pictures (which I will be posting) and a GPS since I was in unfamiliar territory.

I used a path I researched with some nice bike lanes and visited my aunt and then returned to the hotel.

From Las Vegas
More to come...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Paddys Ride

Besides bicycle commuting, I do a series of charity rides. Today I rode the St. Paddy's Day ride that is a North Carolina Tour de Cure training ride. One of the nice things is that the registration for St. Paddy's gives you free registration for the Tour de Cure.The ride started and ended at the Trek store in North Raleigh.

As usual I quickly faded to the back and ended up riding with Carlos and Leah, both regular riders with the Slow Spokes. We had a good time and even extended our ride 10 miles into Franklin County. Well the extra miles weren't intentional. We missed a turn. I was able to use my iPhone to find our way back to the route.

Today's ride plus my commuting gave me over150 miles for the week. Not fast miles, but I am happy.

Gear mini reviews

Today was the first day to use my Dahon Biologic iPhone case. I found it very solid on the bike. It was a little hard to see. Next time I am going to try it with my prescription glasses. I will comment more on this as well as the iPhone apps I am using in the future.

I bought some Hincapie Performer bib shorts this last week and wore them on the first time on this ride. A lot people I know in person and online rave about bib shorts, so I wanted to try some. They were quite comfortable on this 5 hour ride. I didn't really think too much about them which is perfect. Also they were easy to manage when natured called.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

People for Bikes Pledge

At People for Bikes they are trying to get a ton of people to sign the pledge below. The goal is to gather a million names and use this number to get the attention of lawmakers and administrators. If they know there are this many people out there that care about bicycling, it will quit getting cut from planning projects and more importantly not get cut when it comes to financing. Here is the pledge.

I am for bikes. I'm for long rides and short rides. I'm for commuting to work, weekend rides, racing, riding to school, or just a quick spin around the block. I believe that no matter how I ride, biking makes me happy and is great for my health, my community and the environment we all share. That is why I am pledging my name in support of a better future for bicycling—one that is safe and fun for everyone. By uniting my voice with a million others, I believe that we can make our world a better place to ride.

Go ahead and sign the pledge today.

Monday, March 1, 2010

NAHBS 2010

Here is a simple photo from the NAHBS.

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Location:Richmond, VA


I thought I would give the whole blog thing a shot. The subject is bicycle commuting. The triangle part comes from the fact that I live in the Research Triangle part of North Carolina. I suspect that I will stray into other topics. I did some charity rides last year and I am planning more this year. I am interested in trying some longer brevet rides, so I suspect that might come up sometimes.

I attended the North American Handmade Bicycle Show NAHBS 2010 in Richmond, VA. I took lots of pictures, some of them decent, and some notes. I plan to fill in with a few posts about what I saw.