Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A new wheel

Late last year I managed to dent my rear rim. I was able to true the wheel and get it better but never really good. Yesterday I finally broke down and got a new wheel. I was thinking of just buying a rim and some spokes and building a new wheel. I built wheels for my road bike that came out very nice. But it cost less than $10 more to just buy a wheel. When I was getting it ready last night, I decided to mount my old Continental Town and Country tire on it. One of them had given out and this one shows some wear, so I had replaced them. I got Michelin City tires because they were available and had reflective sidewalls. But i carry a lot of weight in my rear panniers and I felt that the City tires did not handle as well. They have a lower TPI count which makes then longer lasting but less comfortable. So as an experiment I put the Town and Country on for now. During this morning's ride the bike seemed to handle better. I will give it a few more days. I think I can get a Schwalbe with the reflective side walls and the high TPI comfort.

This afternoon's ride may be a good test. It is pouring rain right now.

Seen on this morning's ride: 1 hawk, 3 rabbits

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