Monday, May 17, 2010

Bike To Work Week: Monday

The Monday morning ride was a little wet but kind of nice. There was just a light rain and it was about 65 degrees. It makes for a nice ride given a rain jacket and fenders. The trails were nearly empty. I saw one dog walker and one jogger right towards the end. I saw one other bike at the gym and it was one I did not recognize, so maybe it was a new rider. It should be drier later in the week and hopefully I will see more riders.

The ride home was really wet. The rain started just a couple of minutes into the ride. It ranged from heavy to steady. I ride along a creek. I watched at each of the many crossings for signs that it was rising. But it was fine and I was heading upstream, so it only got better. The rain lasted until the final 2 miles (of 12.5 miles).

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