Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Bike Activity

I had a good bike weekend. I got some new handle bars for my mountain bike commuter. They are more swept back. I also got new shifters and brake levers and a new chain. So I had some work to do to get that all set up. But first up was going to be a 50 mile ride with some friends. But I forgot to update my Facebook status from Maybe to Yes for this ride and they ended up cancelling due to a combination of not enough people and wet roads. But I road my errands, Hilltop Farms and the grocery store for food, instead and had a nice ride although much shorter than 50 miles. I am really enjoying not using the car.

Sunday I worked a little more on the commuter upgrades. All the new stuff is on, but the cables and derailers need to be adjusted.

Monday is our normal ride day for the Spiritual Spinners but usually that is at 6:30 pm. Because of the holiday we road at 8:30 am - no pressure to finish before dark. I road 10 miles to the ride, we road the 50K Ride For Life route, 3 good hills, and I road home for a total of 51 miles. Later in the day I got most of the adjustments done on the bike.

A mid-afternoon appointment will keep me off the bike today, but after a few final adjustments to the derailers tonight I should be ready to go tomorrow.

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