Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cary Greenway Update

I exchanged email with Doug McRainey, Parks Planning Manager for the Town of Cary, about the greenway signs. He said the signs are part of our recently approved comprehensive sign plan for the Town's parks and greenways. Besides the signs I spotted on the Hinshaw Greenway, signs have been installed them at Pirate's Cove Greenway, Batchelor Branch Greenway, sections of the White oak Creek Greenway. So it looks like these will continue to roll out although it may be a year before they are all done.

Doug invited me to do two things I will take him up on as I have time. First he suggested visiting Bond Park where 3 to 5 different greenways will intersect. Bond Park will be the hub of the Cary greenway system.

The second thing Doug invited me to do is attend a Greenway Committee meeting. I will try and do that in the upcoming months and report back on what I learn.

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