Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Paddys Ride

Besides bicycle commuting, I do a series of charity rides. Today I rode the St. Paddy's Day ride that is a North Carolina Tour de Cure training ride. One of the nice things is that the registration for St. Paddy's gives you free registration for the Tour de Cure.The ride started and ended at the Trek store in North Raleigh.

As usual I quickly faded to the back and ended up riding with Carlos and Leah, both regular riders with the Slow Spokes. We had a good time and even extended our ride 10 miles into Franklin County. Well the extra miles weren't intentional. We missed a turn. I was able to use my iPhone to find our way back to the route.

Today's ride plus my commuting gave me over150 miles for the week. Not fast miles, but I am happy.

Gear mini reviews

Today was the first day to use my Dahon Biologic iPhone case. I found it very solid on the bike. It was a little hard to see. Next time I am going to try it with my prescription glasses. I will comment more on this as well as the iPhone apps I am using in the future.

I bought some Hincapie Performer bib shorts this last week and wore them on the first time on this ride. A lot people I know in person and online rave about bib shorts, so I wanted to try some. They were quite comfortable on this 5 hour ride. I didn't really think too much about them which is perfect. Also they were easy to manage when natured called.

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