Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking For a New Bike

I am giving up on keeping my 15 and 24 year old bikes going. I thought about going old school but I can't really afford enough tweed outfits to really pull this off.

Then I started thinking about all the shoes around my house. I have two kids who were cross country runners, so there are plenty of old sneakers.

So then I looked at some more modern frame designs. This one was interesting but in NC I really need a water bottle in the summer.

So then I thought, why limit myself to just two wheels? But this one doesn't really have a place for panniers.

So I moved on to something that would give me an advantage on my commute. Maybe I should get up above the traffic?

This design is even better than an e-bike to give a quick boost up a hill. Plus the jet exhaust flame would keep the cars from following too close.

Or maybe it is not too late for me to train for the 2012 Olympics.

Hope you enjoy April 1st.

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