Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Winter? Weekend Ride

While much of the country is dealing with cold, snow and ice, this last weekend in North Carolina was very nice. On Sunday afternoon I went for a ride in clear weather with little wind and temperatures around 60 degrees.

I think it was the first ride in shorts since sometime in November. I rode with my church group, the Spiritual Spinners. For this time of year, we are hosting Sunday afternoon rides. We had an A (18+ mph) group of 4 or 5 riders, a B (16-18 mph) group of about 8 riders, a C (14-16 mph) group of 5 riders and 2 people doing an in town route. It was a good turnout for Fuquay-Varina (population around 9,000), I rode 10 miles to the ride, then co-led the C group and rode 10 miles home. My total was just a hair over 45 miles.

It was nice to ride with a group. We did a little chatting and a little pace lining. It was a very nice ride.

Being a religious group, the ride always starts with a prayer. I wanted to share some words that are almost always part of our pre-ride prayer and extend the prayer to all the riders out there.

God, let us loom large in the eyes of the drivers and help them and us make good decisions.

Spiritual Spinners jersey, from the NC Bike MS 2010 rides

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