Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bike To Work Indonesian Style

I ran into this video at Taking The Lane. It shows a grassroots organization, Bike To Work, that has 50,000 members. It shows a 6 hour time slot when the main streets were closed to cars named Carfree Day. The daily traffic looks very heavy and any extra space the bicycles can use is shared with scooters and motorcycles as well. As too often happens, when a bicycle path was built it doesn’t go anywhere that people want to go and is used less than planned.
The video certainly shows a range of modern bicycles being used.


  1. This is very strange. I just found your blog this morning. But several months ago when I started my blog I swear your blog did not exist, or else I would have named mine something besides "Triangle Bicycle Commuter". I do remember the domain was not available on Blogger, but I couldn't find the blog.

    Anyhow, hello fellow traveller, where does your commute take you?

  2. I will add that I plan on changing my blog's name. This is a good idea for multiple reasons.

    1. It seems silly to have two blogs with the exact same name.

    2. I am graduating from UNC in the next few months, and will likely not live in the Triangle as early as January.

    3. I write about much more than commuting in the Triangle, so maybe a broader more encompassing title would be more appropriate.

    4. You were here first.

    It will remain "Triangle Bicycle Commuter" while I think of a new title and edit the graphics. But I will be vacating the title to eliminate redundancy.

  3. Sorry I was slow to respond. Thanks for changing your blog. Where can I find it now?

    I do a mixed mode commute. I drive to Lochmere in Cary. From there I talk Lochmere Road which has a bike lane to Cary Parkway which is a bike route and then on to Thurston Drive which also has a bike lane. From there I take the Hinshaw Greenway which has a bridge to cross US1/64. Then I cut through residential parts of central Cary where most of my route is also signed bike routes. Then I pick up the Black Creek Greenway and leave it to climb up Montibello Road to SAS.