Monday, October 8, 2012

NC Bike Routes

In the 1970s the State of North Carolina created a series of bike routes throughout the state. If you go to their site you can order paper maps of the routes, but all you get are crudely photocopied pages they are very difficult to read. And another issue is that traffic levels have changed in the 40 years since they were created. So a great system was in need of an update.

Fortunately the NC DOT agrees. They have hired Alta Greenways to revamp the system. I don't have too much detail on the timelines and plan, but they are currently soliciting input from the public via the North Carolina Bike Routes web site.

I find myself pretty excited about these routes. I have been researching the Cape Fear Run route from Apex to Southport roughly along the Cape Fear River. There are chance for camping along the route and a couple of battle fields and related museums for visiting. I would love to see a web site dedicated to planning rides on the routes, similar (but hopefully better) than the C&O Canal Bicycling Guide.

I'll be following the progress and result and keep you informed.

- Pedal For Fun

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